Appeal of a Fireplace


The appeal of gathering around flickering flame satisfies most. Surveys of potential home buyers consistently show that even in the warmest climates, 90 percent of shoppers want a fireplace. Part of the appeal is psychological – a primal connection between hearth and home that even climate or technology cannot break. If you are lucky enough to have a fireplace, there are ways to enhance its appeal. Some updates are simple decorating tips and other updates may require some modifications for utility and venting. Here are a few ideas:

– Paint the mantel
– Detail the interior
– Add bold artwork
– Update the base tile or stone
– Accessorize the mantel or add a screen
– Add a gas insert for ease and efficiency

If you are looking to add a fireplace, there are so many options for homeowners. The simplest fireplace can provide the visual appeal and some can even provide added warmth. A fireplace can be added to a kitchen, family room, bedroom, bathroom or in a finished basement and business owners are incorporating fireplaces into their interiors. Many restaurants add fireplaces to dining areas and a fireplace in an office lobby adds to the comfort for visitors. The possibilities are really endless. Depending on the room, budget and utility connections, there are many options to consider. Here are a few options:

– Wall mount electric fireplace
– Free standing electric fireplace
– Gas fireplace
– Prefabricated fireplaces

Contact a professional contractor for an estimate. You will see that costs can range from a couple hundred dollars for an electric fireplace to a few thousand dollars depending on how elaborate you would like your fireplace to be.

Jeff DeNicola of Jeff’s Carpentry has over 30 years of experience with home improvement projects including kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling, molding & trim, window installation, door installation, deck installation, painting, commercial installations of acoustal ceilings, metal studs and sheetrock,as well as handyman type services.

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