Color of Choice

Paint and color can transform a space. There is a process that we go through when deciding to choose a color for a foyer, kitchen, family room, bathroom, bedroom, office, or the exterior of a home. Color affects our mood and color can make a room look brighter or darker or larger or more intimate.

Sometimes the decision process of choosing colors can be agonizing since the end result is something that we look at and live with every day of our lives. We look at the exterior color everyday as we drive up to our homes. We want our kitchens to feel inviting and our bedrooms relaxing. We need to feel focused and alert in our office. Color plays such a big part of how we feel when we are in a space. Color should be harmonious to the room’s activity.

It is a good idea to take a picture of the room for exploring new possibilities. Keep in mind the furniture, artwork, flooring etc. that will stay in the room and look to complement those things. You may be looking to stay in the same hue that the walls are currently painted and just want new paint to refresh the space or you may want to totally transform the room. In either case, the new paint color will bounce off the flooring, window treatments, and furniture to create a room personality.

A leading paint supplier shows their most searched paint colors as beiges, tans, whites, pale yellows, light greys, and a pale greenish blue. These top searched colors really haven’t changed much over the years. It may prove that we really don’t need to agonize over colors after all. The basic neutral shades are probably the most warm and versatile and pick up natural light very well. Only if you are looking to make a bold statement of sorts that you need to devote real time to a painting project color.

As your professional, we will help you with this process and give you insights to reasons why you may or may not want to go with possible choices. We advise that you don’t have angst over choosing between two shades that are very similar. Instead, look at the shades in daylight and in low lighting. See which is more appealing in different lighting.

Jeff’s Carpentry is here to help you with all your painting needs. Call us at (732) 851-5575 to set up a free estimate. We are the best at what we do and can make your painting project a success! Transform your room and transform your life!

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